COVID-19 Policy

MDA is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and have instated policies to help protect us and your family.

  • No parents, siblings or guardians are allowed in the facility. We will be strictly operating on a drop off/pick up system.
  • Faculty will escort younger dancers in and out of the facility. 
  • Upon arrival, dancers MUST have their temperature checked by a staff member and sanitize their hands with provided hand sanitizer. 
  • Masks MUST be worn when entering, exiting, moving between studios, and using the washroom. They may ONLY be removed while dancing, however we recommend that dancers wear masks at all times, even when dancing. 
  • Dancers MUST arrive in their dance clothes with minimal belongings and leave their shoes at the door.
  • Dancers MUST remain in their assigned tape square during class and keep a 6ft distance at ALL times. 
  • Dance rooms, equipment and high touch surfaces will be sanitized regularly. We will provide dancers with hand sanitizer in between classes.

Due to the most recent COVID-19 Update on January 12th, 2021, all classes will be shifted to virtual until February 11th. This date is subject to change based on the government’s policies. Stay safe, and keep dancing! 

Hair & Attire Policy

At MDA we educate our dancers about the importance of showing up to class on time and properly prepared. It is a valuable life skill as well as a sign of respect to their teachers and peers when they are properly dressed for class.

For dancers taking multiple classes per day, please make sure you wear an outfit and hairstyle** that meets the requirements for ALL your classes, especially if your classes are back to back.


  • Hair is to be pulled back into a neat bun. Hair must be in a bun with proper bun pins so their hair remains intact throughtout class. For dancers of colour, braided buns are welcome.
  • Black bodysuit of your choosing
  • Skin coloured tights and ballet slippers*


  • Hair is to be pulled back into a neat, LOW bun, no exceptions. This is for safety purposes so dancers are not landing on their hair during acro skills and choreography
  • Dancers can choose between shorts or leggings, tight fitting athletic top, crop top or bodysuit. We don’t allow loose fitting tops as our dancers are working upside down
  • Barefeet


  • Hair is to be pulled back into a neat bun or ponytail, no exceptions
  • Dancers can choose between tight fitting shorts, leggings, a bodysuit, or athletic top
  • Jazz – Beige Bloch Elasta Boogie Slip on LeatherJazz shoes
  • Tap – Black Full Sole Lace up Oxford Tap Shoe; either Bloch or Capezio
  • Contemporary – Barefeet
  • Musical Theatre – Dancers can wear jazz shoes for the beginning of the year until costumes are determined and specific shoes requirements will be sent out

Hip Hop

  • Loose fitted dance clothes (no jeans) 
  • Indoor running shoes or jazz sneakers

*It is ok to wear pink ballet slippers if they still fit from the previous year. Once you’ve out grown them, please purchase skin coloured ballet slippers going forward.

**Short hair is welcome in our classes, simply pin it back off of your face.

We at Momentum DanceArts understand that dance has had a history of gendering uniforms and aligning with a strict, outdated binary of gender expectations. We know that binary, in fact, does not exist and we our students to feel safe and comfortable in their identities and what they wear. Your gender expression is welcome and celebrated here.