2020-2021 SEASON

MDA Competitive Dance Team

This program is designed for dancers ages 7+ who want to participate in multiple performances throughout the year and train at a much higher intensity. Auditions are required for MDA’s Competitive Dance Team and dancers will be placed in routines and styles that MDA Competitive Faculty deem appropriate.


Dancers will train for and perform in two competitions, one local, one away*


Dancers will train at a higher intensity, with weekly mandatory classes. More details below


Competitive Dancers are expected to show dedication and commitment to their team, dances, and teachers

*All performances are pending COVID-19 regulations. In the event that competitions are not running, dancers will have the opportunity to showcase and film their routines right in our studio. We are equipped with a full lighting rig in our main studio!

Full Time Competitive Team

  • 8 Hours Minimum of class per week
  • 4 Days Maximum commitment per week
  • Options to include a solo

Interested in Full Time?

Part Time Competitive Team

  • 6 Hours Maximum of class per week
  • 3 Days Maximum commitment per week
  • Maximum of 3 Groups: 1 Large, 2 Small or Duet/Trio

Interested in Part Time?

Mandatory Classes

  • Dancers competing in Hip Hop must take a 45 minute conditioning class & 1 hour Hip Hop technique/recital class
  • Dancers competing in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap and/or Acro must take a 45 minute conditioning class, 1 hour ballet technique class and be training in their competing dance style’s 1 hour class.

    For example: If you are competing in JAZZ, you need to take 1 hour jazz technique/recital class, 1 hour ballet class, and 45 minute conditioning

Why Mandatory Classes?

At MDA, we want every competitive dancer to have the best chance at success. In order for that to happen, dancers need to be physically and mentally capable of performing within their dance style SAFELY and CONFIDENTLY. 

We place a large emphasis on training and safety at MDA, and having mandatory conditioning classes will help all of our dancers learn how to channel the correct muscles without strain or injury.

Although ballet is not the foundation of all dance styles, our ballet syllabus focuses on proper turn out, body alignment, and mental focus. These are the building blocks to classical dance training, as well as provides dancers, especially those performing in Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary and Acro, a strong base needed in order to successfully execute difficult skills.

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